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Traction Motors/Traction Generators

New Traction Motor
Equivalent and Identical to:
   TAO 659 (600HP)
   GE 752 E 8
   GE 761 A 19
   Hitachi 15250A (800HP)
   GM - D29, D29(T), D29cc, D31

New Armature
   TAO 659
   GE 752
   GE 761
   GM, EMD - D29, d29(T), D29cc, D31
   Hitachi 15250A

New Stator
   TAO 659
   GE 752
   GE 761
   GM, EMD - D29, d29(T), D29cc, D31
   Hitachi 15250A

Repair and Rebuild TMs/TGs
Diesel Electric TM/TG Electric Loco TM
English Electric
Brush Electric

Spare part supply
   GM make TM/TG
   GE make TM/TG
   Hitachi make TM/TG
   Alsthom make TM/TG
   ABB make TM/TG
   BHEL make TM/TG

Complete rewind kit materials comprising briefly of
Power Coils
   Equalizer Coils
   Slot wedges
   Slot insulating material
   Steel banding wire for temporary banding

   Assembled and seasoned or refill (without Vee Cones)

Magnet Frame
Magnet frame repair kit comprising briefly of
Exciting field coils with or without pole shoes
   Interpole coils with or without pole shoes
   Interconnecting copper strips insulated
   Axle caps and bolts
   Cable leads and sockets

TM/TG Assembly
   Brush Gear Assembly with Carbon blocks
   Bearing cover
   Bearing Plate
   Bearing Housing
   Frame Head (selected types)
   Wick Assembly (selected types)

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